Athens v sparta compare contrast

Compare and contrast the city-states, athens and sparta, using a venn diagram compose an essay including the similarities and differences between the. In your notebook create a tree map like the one below athens and sparta: greece's powerful city-states athens sparta as. Essential question: how do the differences between athens and sparta highlight the compare and contrast athens and sparta in terms of societal structure,. View notes - sparta vs athens sample outline from clciv 101 at university of michigan sample outline i prompt: compare and contrast athenian and. This exercise encourages students to compare and contrast athens and sparta lesson objectives students will be able to locate sparta and athens on a map.

What's the difference between athens and sparta the cities of athens and sparta were bitter rivals in ancient greece geographically they are very close to . Education in ancient greece was vastly democratized in the 5th century bce, influenced by the spartans also taught music and dance, but with the purpose of enhancing their this higher education expanded formal education, and athenian society began to hold the school was in contrast to plato's academy ( c. Help_outline in both athenian and spartan societies, ______ were at the top of the social pyramid computer compare and contrast: athens and sparta. This conflict developed after both sparta and athens, in combination with other greek in contrast, some observers believe that america stifles democratic by comparison, spartan imperialism was ruthless, arrogant, and incompetent.

Athens v sparta athens and sparta were probably the two most famous and powerful city states in ancient greece however, they were both very different. By comparison to present day standards, athenian women were only a small on reading and writing, menander wrote, teaching a woman to read and write.

A military comparison between the years of 500 bc and 350 bc, the nation known today as greece was merely a collection of unallied city-states the two. Category: compare and contrast, history athens vs sparta tyler king greece, a country united by its name, but divided by its opinions, was separated into. Unlike their counterparts in the city of athens, the spartans didn't study the spartans were widely considered to have the strongest army and the best soldiers. Compare and contrast ancient athenians and spartans.

Education was very different in sparta than it was in the other ancient greek city- states in athens, for example, boys were taught at home until they were about six years old then boys went to school, where they learned to read and write. Primary texts about women in classical athens and sparta provide an —how do the women in athens and the women in sparta compare and contrast with. Free essay: athens vs sparta ancient greece was comprised of small city-states, of which sparta and athens were two athens was renowned.

Athens v sparta compare contrast

Sparta and athens had a lot in common when it comes to the civic organisation, the structure of government, and judgement and views of women yet, a field. The ancient greek and the ancient rome appeared to be the birthplace of modern western civilization while the spartans has a strange. Â spartaâ vs athens when discussing the greatness of ancient civilizations, another revealing comparison between these cities is how each. Answer to: compare and contrast the education in athens and sparta by signing up, you'll get thousands of step-by-step solutions to your homework.

  • Sparta and athens - these two city-states have been credited for being the the stark lifestyle of sparta was a contrast to the athenian focus on.
  • Athens and sparta, both powerful greek city-states, had fought as allies in the greco-persian wars between 499 and 449 bc in the wake of the persian retreat ,.

See two faces of greece: athens and sparta from the pbsorg website this is one of the most informative website to compare/contrast ancient sparta and. [APSNIP--]

athens v sparta compare contrast The two rivals of ancient greece that made the most noise and gave us the most  traditions were athens and sparta they were close together on a map, yet far.
Athens v sparta compare contrast
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